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LP Delays and Steam Greenlight


Just to be clear, the two are not related in any way.  Still, I felt it necessary to write a bit about both, so here we are.
The Let’s Play

I have footage recorded for a few more episodes, but it needs to be edited and commented upon.  I really wanted to avoid these kind of holdups, but it is difficult to find enough time, and quiet conditions, to do these episodes.  Still, I’ll try to do a few at once so I can post those at least before there are more delays.


Steam Greenlight

So the Greenlight program for Steam went live, and I’ve had a chance to check it out.  My initial impressions are that I had a much different idea about what it was before I actually saw it.

I thought this would be for finished or mostly-finished games.  Maybe it’s supposed to be, but there are a lot of games in the list that are just a concept.  Is this a bad thing?  Maybe not, but I’m not sure how much this program can do for a game that doesn’t exist yet.

The list is filled with mods, and clones of popular games.  Again, not necessarily bad, but I had in mind original indie games, like the ones already featured on Steam.  In hindsight, I should have expected that this is what Valve had to deal with all along, and we never saw it before.


I might have more to say about this in time, but for now Greenlight seems more like a curiousity than anything else.  What do you think?

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