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Let’s Play Star Trek: Elite Force II: Part 2


After long delays, we return to Elite Force 2.  Now, we start to see a little more of what the game is like.

I apologize for the unreadable subtitles.  They look fine in my source video, but Youtube makes a hash of them when I upload.  I’m still trying to find a good balance between quality and file size for my uploads.


The Borg level is essentially an introduction to the game.  I would even call it a tutorial, except that the game already has a tutorial (which I skipped.)  The combat is very easy, with the only enemies being slow-moving and mostly using close-range attacks.  The health and weapon energy dispensers are plentiful, and will slowly recharge if they are depleted.  As far as I know, this happens nowhere else in the game.

I should take this opportunity to give a brief overview of the major characters that were carried over from the last game.

Picures from the Memory Alpha Wiki, bios from the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Player’s Manual.

Ensign Alexander Munro

Position: Hazard Team Second in Command (During the events of the game, he received a promotion and assignment as the leader of the Hazard Team.)

Skills:  Munro possesses sharp reflexes, excellent combat abilities, and strong leadership skills.  Munro’s initial assignment will be Infiltration Specialist.  This position will utilize Munro’s natural scouting abilities.

Psychological Analysis: Ensign Munro is a stable individual and is an excellent prospect for second command of the Hazard Team.  In addition, Munro has demonstrated a surprising grasp of logic for a human, by devising clever improvised solutions to obstacles during several field missions.

Crewman Telsia Murphy

Position: Hazard Team Scout/Sniper

Skills: Telsia Murphy has consistently logged the highest scores in weapon accuracy training exercises.  She is proficient with many weapons and an expert with long-range projectile weapons.  The team will undoubtedly encounter situations requiring the talents of a sniper, and Telsia Murphy is the most logical choice to fill this position.  (Note: I actually don’t recall any time in the game when sniping was entirely necessary or when Telsia’s long-range skills were shown.  Tuvok is apparently full of crap.)

Psychological Analysis:  Telsia has demonstrated a near Vulcan mastery over fear.  She is a stable crewmember who will make a valuable addition to the Hazard Team.

Crewman Chell

Position:  Hazard Team Technician

Skills:  Strong mechanical and technical expertise.  Extensive knowledge of alien cultures.

Psychological Analysis:  Crewman Chell is a Bolian pacifist who would rather pursue journals of alien culture and technology than train with weapons.  I have noticed that Chell will shy away from combat situations, and may take cover and refuse to fire in some circumstances.  His preoccupation with alien technology and machinery also has the potential to cause problems — I have observed Chell tinker with devices beyond his understanding, sometimes unleashing undesirable effects.  Against difficult opposition, Chell’s nervous nature causes him to be overly cautious and pessimistic.  (Note:  As far as I know, Chell has the distinction of being the only member of the team who has also appeared on the show.  I actually like Chell a lot, but I can understand that his personality can be grating for some players.)

Crewman Austin Chang

Position: Hazard Team Demolitions Specialist

Skills:  Superior proficiency with explosive ordinance.  Austin Chang is a logical choice for Team Demolitions Specialist.

Psychological Analysis:  Although he is generally liked by most of the crew, I have noted that he speaks only when addressed or when absolutely necessary.  Although not uncommon for a Vulcan, this behavior is considered somewhat anti-social by most humans.  I attribute this behavior to a pure dedication to his study of demolitions, which is not generally regarded by humans as a social activity.  (Why should that be the reason, Tuvok?  Maybe he’s just introverted.)


  1. That Bolian’s voice is annoying, it would make me wish for a friendly fire option.
    This kind of makes me want to do a Let’s Play. I’m not sure I’m that ambitious though. Maybe if I watch a few more of these…

  2. Yay! My first non-spam comment. I have a real blog now!

    There are various ways to do a Let’s Play. You can go for a heavily researched, heavily scripted informative series. You can also try to just show off a game and crack a few jokes along the way. You can LP blind, or with friends, or both. You can talk in-character or out-of-character. You can explain the narrative of the game, or try to create your own narrative. I chose to do this LP mostly for my own entertainment. I’ll let you know how that works out…

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