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Let’s Play Star Trek: Elite Force II: Part 3


This game has an old-school approach to weapon loadouts.  There are numerous slots for weapons, and any number of them can be filled at any given time.  In fact, for the most part, once you receive a weapon you will keep it throughout the rest of the game.  Each weapon has two firing modes: standard (default is left-mouse-button), and alternate (right-mouse-button).  As you might guess, alternate firing mode is often just the same as the standard mode, just more powerful and a different color.  However, some weapons have an alternate mode that is completely different (for example, a grenade launcher on a rifle.)

These are the weapons available to the player at the beginning of the game.

Type II Hand Phaser

This the phaser pistol that you would recognize from most of TNG and DS9.  It’s normal mode is a continuous beam with a standard power setting.  The alternate mode is a high-powered beam that vaporizes its target.  This pistol is part of your standard loadout for the entire length of the game.

Phaser Compression Rifle

This is a design of phaser rifle you are likely to see in Voyager, and it is a holdover from the previous game.  As I remember, it only appears in the first chapter of this game, and is then replaced.  I could be wrong though, and the only way to be sure is to do actual work and research.  Ugh.  Anyway, the normal fire mode is a pulse, and the alternate fire mode is a sniper shot that vaporizes its target silently, and can kill most humanoid targets in a single hit.

Infinity Modulator

The I-mod is a weapon introduced in the first Elite Force game, and makes a comeback for the first chapter of this game.  It might appear again later, but for the next few chapters we will have no real use for it.  In the first game, it was invented by 7 of 9 for the express purpose of fighting the Borg.  As the name suggests, it works by continuously cycling its EM modulation so the Borg can’t adapt.  Alternate fire mode is just a higher-powered shot.

More weapons will be introduced throughout the videos.

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