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Let’s Play Star Trek: Elite Force II: Part 9


In hindsight, the station in the opening cutscene isn’t that impressive, even for the Quake 3 engine.  I still think it looks nice though.

When said I cut out a failed attempt, it wasn’t that I died or got a game over.  You only need to get the Attrexian to the armory in order to progress.  In my first attempt, I somehow let him die on the way back.  The game will continue if that happens, but the next cutscene is different.  I don’t think any other part of the game is altered, but I figured I should try to actually, you know, protect these characters.

I don’t know the exact effectiveness-over-range curve for the laser shotgun (properly known as the Assault Phaser Rifle, but that is a stupid name).  I just know that when fired at something within 2 meters of you, it feels like a room-clearing death dispenser.  For everything further away, though, it might as well be firing marshmallows and mild insults.

It’s been pointed out to me that the weapons in this game look like machine guns, but with lasers, and I can’t really argue.  This shows up even in the way this game handles ammunition.  I really think the devs missed an opportunity to make the game unique, but maybe they ran up against more limitations of the engine.  Or they just didn’t care.  There is ample evidence for both.

I didn’t hop into the cart and explode because I thought it would be silly.  I actually thought I was supposed to do that when I was recording my first run, and I left the footage in because I thought it was silly.  There’s a difference.  I can’t tell if having the cart be ride-able was a mistake, or if it was the devs trolling me.  There is ample evidence for both.

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