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Stoner SSB-20A Follow-Up


After I posted this in January, I wasn’t sure I would ever hear  anything more about it.  But, fortunately, I was recently contacted by Ken KA5KEN, who said he had parts and documentation for the radio.

I was thrilled, and sent him an email.  With some discussion and research, we were able to determine what parts I needed.  So I was able to buy 3 receive channel modules, 3 transmit channel modules, and an assortment of crystals from him for a reasonable price.

My first peek at the parts.

My first peek at the parts.

When they arrived in the mail, I could hardly wait to put them to use.  The channel modules were in great shape, and the additional crystals will give me much more freedom in choosing my operating frequency.

The new parts in place.

The new parts in place.

With all of the channel modules in place, I turned on the receiver.  All 4 channels worked, though 2 were decidedly more sensitive than the others.  Some adjustments need to be made to “peak” the resonance of those circuits, a routine procedure that I fully expected to be necessary.  And fortunately, I was able to acquire a scanned copy of the SSB-20A technical manual (SSB20A), which explains all of the procedures to properly adjust this radio for maximum performance.  And…I’ll get to that sometime.  The manual reccommends some test equipment I don’t have yet, and I just need some time to collect it or work out how to do without.


  1. For better sensibility you ned to recap the modules, in according the frec of xtals. Then retune it for peak the signal received.
    Since I worked as tecnical service on that radios on the 1973-75

  2. hello friend! I wonder if crystals have for my radio ssb-20m

  3. Hola colega, saludos desde Perú. Te cuento que tengo un par de estos equipos usados que me han dado a ver que saco de ellos. Pienso reparar uno de ellos, para la banda de 40 metros y volverlo variable. tengo que hacer la modificación al VXO (reemplazar el cristal por un circuito LC) y hacer nuevos filtros pasa banda (pass band filters).
    Como te fue a ti? los terminaste de reparar?

  4. Hi, where I can send you an email with a picture of my radio to help me know what is the characteristic of a diode? I do not find in the scheme…

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