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About Me

Name:  “Hey, you!”

Age:  Changes every day.

I like:  Stuff.

I don’t like:  Stuff that looks like stuff but actually isn’t stuff.  Also, people who say “thusly”.

If I was stuck on a desert island with only one object, I would choose:  Pants.

This is most likely not a picture of me:   



  1. I am also looking for Stoner 40A spares, The LSB filer etc. Can you help? I have two of the radios that nead some work. I last used them in Botswana in the 70’s.

    • Hello, Peter. Thanks for stopping by.

      Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find LSB filter modules either, and I don’t have any parts other than what I’m using in my radio. If you contact the gentleman who left a comment on my article here, he might be able to help you. Otherwise, you could inspect the manuals and schematics I posted later, and see if something could be improvised or custom-built for you.

      Good luck.

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