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Let’s Play Star Trek: Elite Force II: Part 4


And now, the connection this game had to the Voyager series is pretty much over. We are headed for new, better things!

This section at Starfleet Academy is an indication of another feature of the game. Combat missions are interspersed with opportunities to wander around friendly areas. There isn’t usually much to do there, but you get to explore a bit and listen in on some idle chit-chat. There are occasionally some conversations that you can start with other characters.

Which brings me to the conversation at the end of this episode. To clarify, we won’t have to choose a love interest just yet, but this conversation will influence how Telsia feels about us. She is unhappy that Munro has not been given an assignment on a starship and suggests that one or both of you resign in protest (and possibly to run away together). We have the opportunity to say one of three things to her here.
1. We can refuse to let her ruin her career on Munro’s behalf.
2. We can remind her that both she and Munro belong in Starfleet, and one bad assignment doesn’t change that.
3. We can tell her that Munro isn’t interested in a relationship anymore.

I’ll probably post the next update in about a week and if I can’t get some responses to this, I’ll just pick whatever I feel like.


  1. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of choice there but I discourage the mixing of romance and combat so I vote #3.

    • I don’t know how much choice there is, but one option makes her happy, one makes her mad, and one makes Munro dump her. I guess that one makes her mad too…

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